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We help you to understand your needs and provide you with a free, simple-to-understand feasibility analysis. If the project appears feasible, we will work closely with you to provide you with one or more detailed options and assist you in understanding each and the regulations that govern them.

 If you are starting up a housing or mixed-use project, call MaryBeth at 646-647-1300 ext.4 for a free feasibility analysis. 



We assist you with the myriad of pre-development tasks from the selection of the architect, general contractor, attorneys and the other necessary professionals who have knowledge of the product type to the identification of financing sources and help you through the process. If needed, we can also assist you in finding sources of loans or grants for pre-development activities to take the pressure off of using valuable agency funds. To see how we can help with pre-development, call us at 646-647-1300.



As we proceed, with you, we’ll intensively analyze your project and acquaint you with the pros and cons of various approaches so that you can make informed decisions about the project’s direction. We’ll apply for the project’s funds, working closely with you to execute complex parts of your project. Once funds are committed, we assist you in all aspects of the development process from procurement of consultants to relationships with underwriters. Call us at 646-647-1300 for an analysis of your project. 

Follow through


 We’re there at every stage, from the genesis of the idea, through construction, to the lease-up of the project. We provide asset management services. We assist with high-level oversight of the property management team, compliance and investor relations. You decide how much or how little of our services to use. Call us at 646-647-1300 to learn more about how we can serve you.

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